Beautifully Baroque Heirloom Tiara



Luxurious, elegant and stunning Bridal Tiara Design.  Highest quality AAA Cubic Zircon Crystals – cut to perfection. Stunning! Available in Gold or Platinum.

Gift Boxed together with White Gloves to use when handling your Beautiful Tiara.

Please allow us 2 – 3 weeks to create your Beautifully Baroque Heirloom Tiara

SETTING:  Platinum Plated or Gold Plated, highest quality Copper Frame

6cm high and 17cm across (Diameter)



Luxurious and elegant, our beautifully Baroque Heirloom Tiara Design.

Beautifully Baroque Heirloom Tiara

Our Luxury Tiara is full of the highest quality AAA Cubic Zircon Crystals – all cut to perfection!  We also include a pair of white cotton gloves. Slip them on before you handle your Beautiful Tiara to keep it free of fingerprints. You can also polish it to perfection with your special gloves on.

6cm high and 17cm across (Diameter)

Our carefully selected range of Bridal Tiaras are all fashioned from high quality, robust copper settings. Each beautifully cut luxurious stone we use is to die for! Made only from AAA quality Cubic Zircon Crystals, they surpass Swarovski Crystals. The sparkle and lustre of our CZ crystals are just like real Diamonds. Its very hard to tell the difference. You will look like absolute Royalty on your Wedding Day.

Tiaras are traditional, prestigious and extravagant. Worn for adornment and elegance, they can transform your Wedding Event into a special moment in time.

A magical moment of enchantment that deserves the best craftsmanship and quality. Our Heirloom Collection of Bridal Tiaras are all handmade and each one sparkles as though made from real Diamonds. Each beautifully designed Style has been created for discerning Brides who are looking for quality, beauty and something extra special for their Wedding Day.

Please allow us 2 – 3 weeks to create your perfect Beautifully Baroque Heirloom Tiara before we ship out to you. Please let us know if your Order is Urgent.

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Gold, Platinum


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