About Us and our Garters

Sometimes, things just fall into place. Our business story began with a simple shopping trip.
I wanted to buy a pretty lace Bridal Garter as a gift for my girlfriend, a special Bride-to-Be.

Popping into a Bridal Store in Armadale I was saddened by what they showed me. One size, one style, cheap, scratchy lace with a plastic embellishment on the front. The garters’ seam inside was raw, unfinished and unraveling. It had a rough piece of thin timber inside it to keep it stretched open.

Looking for the perfect Wedding Garter

When I looked at all the beautiful, expensive Wedding Dresses hanging in their Armadale Bridal Shop. I couldn’t understand why they thought Bridal Garters would be so unimportant to a Bride. The garter was ‘one size fits all’ but how could one size fit every Bride? Leg sizes differ immensely and a Garter should be comfortable to wear throughout your Wedding Day.

So I made my own. Wendy loved it and I was asked by her friend for a Wedding Garter for her coming Wedding and then another friend. I just loved making each garter and the Bride’s loved them. It just evolved into me deciding to start a small business. I gave up my teaching Career and now design gorgeous Wedding Accessories for Brides and I absolutely love it!

Katie wearing her Lace Wedding Garter

Why buy from us?

That question is simple for us. Garters & Co. cares. We care about your online shopping experience, we care at every stage making your Wedding Accessory. Garters & Co understand the stress a Bride is often under in the build up to her Wedding and we know what might be forgotten in the run up to your Wedding Day. That’s why we offer an Urgent Order option for you. We can prioritise you and get your parcel out to you quickly! We care about you loving your purchase from us and making sure everything is perfect for you.

Garters & Co. supports and works with you

You are not just an Order number to us, you are our Bride whom we want to support and work with. That’s our difference and its a very important difference. We understand how busy Brides-to-Be are. Working all day, making purchases on-line late at night to get through your To-do-List! We understand how precious your time is. Garters & Co is here to help you.

We want you to purchase confidently from us. Be assured our on-line images are exactly what will arrive in your parcel from Garters & Co. We know how very important this is to you and its very important to us too. Once Ordered, relax and cross your purchase off your To-do-List. You can be confident it will arrive looking perfect and in good time.

Our Designs are original and unique

Our original designs are made from beautiful laces, satin or pure silk ribbon, Swarovski Pearls and top quality sparkling Rhinestones, Crystals or Cubic Zircon stones that actually look like real diamonds! You won’t find Garters & Co’s beautiful Bridal Accessories anywhere else. You won’t find our Accessories in Retail Stores. They are only available for Online purchase.

The Goal we strive for

We aim to make our service to you the very best you encounter! The Reviews we receive attest to how our Brides feel about us. Our Brides-to-Be keep telling us how much they LOVE our Bridal Accessories. Garters & Co’s Brides love our fantastic Customer Service.

We strive to make you the most special Wedding Garter, Bridal Flip Flops, Bridal Headpiece or Flower Girl Headpiece for your Wedding Day! Our goal is for you to ‘fall in love’ the moment you open up your package from us. Most importantly you should be really happy you chose and purchased from Garters & Co. We work hard to make sure you are extremely happy with your purchase from us. Expect a follow-up email from us to check you are happy with your purchase after delivery.

Who We Are

Garters & Co is a small online Aussie Business based in Melbourne, Australia. Our workshop has myself and a talented seamstress with loads of creative sewing skills, Vivvi! She makes up my beautiful Garter and Wedding Accessory designs here in Armadale, Melbourne. Our embellishments, laces, satin and silk ribbons, Crystals and Swarovski Pearls we use to make all our Bridal Accessories are the best quality available.

Soft, luxurious, beautiful and sparkling – perfect for your Wedding Day! We love being a small but important part of your most special of days. We make sure everything is perfect before we ship out to you. We believe every element you choose for your Wedding Day should reflect you and support you in having the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

Garters & Co don’t just make
gorgeous Garters

bridal flip flops

Bridal Flip Flops and Bridesmaids Flip Flops

High Heels can be painful. Especially when they are worn all through your Wedding Day. So I designed something more blissfully comfortable to wear.

Our Bridal Flip Flops are amazing to slip into first thing as you and your Bridesmaids breakfast and are relaxing in your Robes. After your Wedding, photos can take hours. You can slip out of your heels into our Bridal Flip Flops for photos, they sit under your Dress perfectly with a wedge heel for comfort and height.

Great for outdoor and beach Weddings where you aren’t on a sturdy pathway. Lastly, when it’s time to dance the night away, slip back into them and out of those heels. Your feet will feel absolutely blissful, no burning arches!

Bridal Headpieces

Whether you are looking for a Tiara full of stunning Cubic Zirconia Crystals or a more casual Hairvine to wear on your Wedding Day. Garters & Co’s range of Bridal Headpieces are all carefully handmade for you.

Our large and gorgeous Headpiece range makes it super easy to find the perfect one to suit your chosen Bridal Hairstyle. Add the perfect finishing touch to your Bridal hair and Bridal look. I’m always amazed to see the most casual relaxed updo hairstyle set off with what might be considered to be a rather formal choice – a Tiara. But a Tiara can really look amazing and why not be a Princess for a day!.

Our handmade Bridal Headpieces are often available in either a silver setting or a gold setting to match your other accessories on your Wedding Day.

Bride wearing CZ Tiara
Sparkling crystal Flower Girl Tiara

Flower Girl Headpieces

Your Flower Girl has such a special role on your Wedding Day. I absolutely adore our selection of stunning, high quality AAA Crystal Tiara designs for them.

Our sparkling Cubic Zirconia Crystals look and feel just like real Diamonds. Their quality and shine is above Swarovski Crystals. When you want a Headpiece that stands out above all the others, we have a style that will work beautifully with their Wedding Day look. Cuteness, fun and stunning Tiaras for every Flower Girl!