Cubic Zirconia Info

Why do we use Cubic Zirconia Crystals and not Swarovski Crystals in our Tiaras?

We use only high Grade AAA or Grade AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Crystals in all our Tiaras. We do not use Swarovski Crystals as we wanted to create the highest quality products and our CZ Crystals are far superior. Read on for all the Cubic Zirconia Info you need.

Our CZ Crystals look and feel more like real Diamonds. They have a superior sparkle, shine and a much more luxurious look than Swarovski Crystals. A Tiara should be absolutely perfect and look stunning when you wear it on your Wedding Day. So lets look further into Cubic Zirconia Info. Discover why are they such gorgeous Crystals and why we choose to use them and not Swarovski Crystals.

AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia Crystals

Cubic Zirconia vs Swarovski Crystals

Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski crystals are both well known diamond simulants. They are sold worldwide and you can find both of them very easily. Both are used for creating gorgeous jewellery pieces.

When compared to Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia Crystals come a lot closer to real Diamonds than Swarovski crystals. In fact, most people can’t tell if CZ Crystals are Diamonds or not.

Cubic Zirconia Crystal is hard like a Diamond. They are much harder than Swarovski Crystals. Cubic Zircon Crystals are also more shiny, as their refractive index is much higher than Swarovski crystals’ index. They shine brightly and sparkle.

Similar size and color CZ stones will always command higher prices than their Swarovski counterparts. They are a more expensive option but cost much less than real Diamonds do.

AAA - AAAAA Grade CZ used in our Tiaras

High Quality Cubic Zirconia

We only use select 3A-5A (AAA-AAAAA) Grade level Cubic Zirconia Crystals. These stunning Crystals only have 5 levels. The first level is A level, the highest top quality CZ is Grade 5A level. It is the hardest, has more facets and shines incredibly. Just like real Diamonds.

Our pieces are truly stunning with our high quality CZ Crystals. When you want a wedding accessory that stands out above the rest, we know ours will create a statement piece like no other.


This setting uses smaller perfect Cubic Zirconia stones via Micro-Pave, where special glues are used to keep the stones permanently within their setting. They are set very close together, creating a beautiful glittering finish.

High quality Micro-Pave Settings have small holes underneath the Crystals. This allows light to shine through, creating a beautiful, shining effect. A high amount of tiny CZ Crystals creates a brilliant shine that catches the light and sparkles brightly.

Tiara created with tiny Micro Pave elements
Polishing high grade crystals

Excellent Workmanship

The surface and also the back of your CZ setting is carefully polished. Usually, other makers only polish the surface. The quality of our CZ pieces is the highest.

Plating is real platinum. This has more shine than rhodium plating. Our plating does not fade easily, whereas silver plating will easily fade  in the air.

The metal we use in ourTiara Frames and setting is copper, which is high quality and not a cheap alloy. Its surface will always be much smoother and stronger than an alloy setting.