Its hard to find the right shoes for a Beach Wedding

A Bride running down the Beach without any shoes onThe Beach doesn’t always have smooth soft sand, especially when you are walking over rocks, pebbles and grass to get to the waters edge. Perhaps you can slip out of your high heels but you don’t want to be barefooted on the Beach. It’s hard to find the right shoes for a Beach Wedding.  Heels sink and are really hard to balance and walk elegantly in. The sand can be really hot on your bare-feet and your Wedding Dress will drag in the sand too. Maybe there is an option out there, but so far you haven’t been able to find one.  SHOP FLIP FLOPS

Bridal Flip Flops

Garters & Co have been making Bridal Flip Flops since 2014. Owner A Bride and Groom carefully walking over rocks to get to the BeachChristine Arnaud was at her Niece’s Wedding when she suddenly took off her heels at her Reception because her feet were literally ‘burning’ from her high heels. The pain is awful, as we all know from uncomfortable heels. Taking them off is often the only option. She then struggled with her dress being too long when she was dancing in her bare feet.
Christine, who already created handmade Heirloom Wedding Garters searched Australia wide for something that might work for Brides, something she could add to her online shop to help Brides.

Its hard to find the right shoes for a Beach Wedding

She found that not only did Australia not make anything other than flat shoes or thongs, some Brides who resorted to thongs or flip flops thought they looked very cheap and wished they had something nicer looking. It is really ard to find the right shoes for a Beach Wedding. So what shoes work well for a Beach Wedding?  VIEW FLIP FLOPSA pair of Bridal Flip Flops designed especially for Brides when they need to take off their high heels

Thongs are very comfortable, but just didn’t look great, nor very Bridal or special. So Christine set out to create a great look, keeping comfort in mind. She created a high 5cm wedge heeled flip flop and decorated it so it looked Beautifully Bridal.

Bridal Flip Flops for the Bridesmaids too

These Bridal Flip Flops are not only great for Brides, but matched to their dress colour, our high wedge heel flip flops are simply magic for the Bridesmaids too and make a great gift for them. We can match most dress colours perfectly with 4-6 weeks notice. We can even add beautiful Rhinestone or Pearl embellishments to make them extra special.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Make your Wedding Day comfortable for your feet, they really are blissful to slip into! SHOP

Bride and her Bridesmaids wearing Bridal Flip Flops