Bridal Flip Flops

Firstly, I have to tell you just how I came to make Bridal Flip Flops for Brides. I was at my Nieces’ Wedding. Photos were finished and now it was time for a cocktail before the Wedding Reception. Sara looked so stunning in her beautiful dress and she had sparkling high heeled blue shoes! She told me she couldn’t wait to take them off as her feet were so sore. And, there it was, she had no option but bare feet. VIEW BRIDAL FLIP FLOPS HERE

What comfortable shoe options do Brides’ have?

As the dancing began and she struggled with her Wedding Dress dragging on the floor, I began to think about what options Brides’ actually have. Flat heeled shoes don’t look very Bridal and plain flat thongs don’t support sore, tired feet and honestly they don’t look very good either. So, I had a long hard think after Sara’s Wedding. I tried to find high heeled wedge flip flops. What are high heeled wedge flip flops? SHOP OUR HIGH WEDGE BRIDAL FLIP FLOPS

We don’t make Bridal Wedding Flip Flops (Thongs) in Australia

I was really surprised to find that there are no Australian Flip Flop manufacturers anymore. So I designed a pair myself and had them made up overseas. It was essential they were made from super soft material between your toes and to be silky soft under your feet. I also wanted them to be 5cm high so every Brides’ Wedding Dress wouldn’t drag along the floor. Once they arrived, I trialed lots of designs to make them look very special, Bridal and Beautiful! So many Brides think they are perfect and I know you will too!

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Bride wearing her Bridal Flip Flops and admiring her Wedding Dress

Wear Bridal Flip Flops throughout your Wedding Day

Our Bridal Flip Flops can be worn throughout your Wedding Day.  Slip in and out of them as you please, knowing they feel wonderful and they will look amazing too.

Start the day with your Bridesmaids whilst you are all in your satin Robes. Maybe you will all have breakfast together or perhaps just champagne!

Either way, it is great to preserve your feet until you need to slip into your heels. Comfortable, Bridal and oh so cute.


Photo Session

They are a must have for your Photo Session. You may be walking around outside with your Photographer for a few hours and as they tuck neatly under your Wedding Dress, you wont even see them in your Photographs.

You will arrive back at your Wedding Reception with ‘Blissfully happy feet’ .

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Bride and Bridal Party having photos taken
Photo Session opportunity when husband slips new Bride's Bridal Flip Flops onto her feet

Wedding Reception

Slip back into your heels for you and Hubby’s entrance and they can be waiting for you under your Bridal Table to slip back into.

You will be on your feet most of the time as you mingle with your guests throughout your Wedding Reception.

You will be so glad you have a pair of our high wedge flip flops for dancing the night away!

For the Beach Wedding

So perfect for a Beach Wedding. There are no other Beach Wedding Shoes that cope so well with the sand, uneven areas and even pebbles and rocks. They slip on and off so easily.  

Bridal Flip Flops really are an amazing Wedding Accessory that we know you will be so glad you organised for your Wedding. Keeping the sand away from your feet and out of your toes because of their height is brilliant.

As the sand can be burning hot to walk on in bare feet, they are incredibly practical too.


Bride wearing Bridal Flip Flops at the Beach
Bridal Flip Flops for Bridesmaids

For your Bridesmaids too

We can make up our Wedding Flip Flops in heaps of gorgeous colours to match your Bridesmaids Robes and Dresses. We can even embellishment them too to make them even more special.

They make a great gift for your Bridesmaids to thank them for all their help building up to and on your Wedding Day. They will love you for your thoughtfulness.

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Sustainable as you can re-use them

Practical too, as the satin bows and ribbons are removable after the Wedding. You can take them away with you on your Honeymoon and your Bridesmaids can re-use them too. Very practical and sustainable too, which is really important!

The most comfortable Wedding Shoes

Our Wedding Flip Flops really are the most comfortable Wedding Shoes. They look so much better than flats. Designed to fit perfectly underneath your Wedding Dress. Make sure you have a pair of our Flip Flops so that your feet feel some love on your Wedding Day too! Your feet deserve some Bliss, especially for your Reception where you can dance the night away in comfort and style! Slip into a pair of our gorgeous high-wedge heeled Bridal Flip Flops.