Our Handmade Wedding Garters

There is something extra special about having an item handmade especially for you. My Grandmother used to hand-make my dresses for me when I was little and they were all so beautiful. She made them with such love and care. Making a Wedding Garter for a Bride is something very special too.

I know it is a Tradition for Brides to Be to wear a garter and it will become a keepsake from your Wedding Day. I believe that every detail on your Wedding Day should be perfect. Handmade Wedding Garters are our specialty. Let us make you a perfect garter for your special day.

Our Stella Off-White Satin Garter with a uniquely twisted soft organza twirl, carefully handstitched into place.

A Perfect Gift for a Bride-to-Be

A beautiful Bridal Garter made by hand is a luxurious Wedding Accessory.  Our handmade Wedding Garters are individually made and will fit you perfectly. Wearing a Wedding Garter is still a significant part of the Bride’s Wedding Day. While it’s a lovely part of the Bride’s Wedding attire, it also a very Traditional part of her special day too.

Wedding Garters were worn by our Great-Grandmothers, our Grand-Mothers and our Mothers.  A garter makes the perfect gift for a Bride and is a very special gift to give on such an important day.  Mothers, Sisters, Aunties and special friends often love to give a personal gift to the Bride on her most special of days. A beautiful Bridal Garter is a perfect gift for the occasion.

Beautifully packaged in our gift box and tied with a pink bow, our Garters are an thoughtful gift for the Bride-to-Be. Presented in our beautiful gift box for the Bride to open on her Wedding Day, we also include a white Satin Keepsake Bag for storage after your Wedding.

A Bridal Garter made in Something Blue

Something Blue

The important Tradition of wearing Something Blue on a Brides Wedding Day is easily solved by wearing a Blue Bridal Garter.

It can be totally blue or have just a touch of blue. As we hand-make each Garter, we can easily make little changes for you. Our handmade Bridal Garters are delicate, feminine, soft and made from high quality silk or satin ribbon, amazing laces and embellished with Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, Rhinestones – or we can custom make a style perfectly for you!

Garters are part of your Bridal Lingerie

A Bridal Garter is an essential part of your beautiful Bridal Lingerie. It is not uncommon for your Photographer take a picture for your Wedding Album! But, you can also choose to keep it hidden for your Husband to find later! The style should compliment your dress and work well with all your Wedding Accessories.

It is important to consider the size of your garter. Will you choose a slim fitting style or a wider, more substantial style that has body and flounce. If your dress is tight and fitted around the knee area or made from really soft fabric, a flat slim garter will be a good choice. If your Wedding Dress has lots of layers, you really can choose something larger as it definitely will not show through your dress.

Why we collect your Leg Measurement

We collect your leg measurement so that we can make your special garter a perfect fit for you.  The last thing you want is a garter that is too tight or too loose. If you can find a garter in a Bridal Store, they usually only offer one size. That simply isn’t good enough, as legs come in all sizes.

We are very confident your Garters & Co Bridal Garter will fit you perfectly, as we ask every Bride for her leg measurement. Your Wedding Garter is then handmade just for you. You know how much you will love your perfect garter!

Customize your Garter

As we hand-make all our beautiful Bridal Garters right here in our Melbourne Workshop, we can easily customize it for you. You can change a ribbon colour, you can add a bow, take off a bow, add a special embellishment. Whatever you would like, we can usually accommodate you with flexibility and choice.

Garters & Co.’s level of service is superb. Our Brides love Garters & Co. because we really care about them and making sure their purchase from us is easy. We love making them with a Garter we know they will absolutely fall in love with. See our Reviews