Leg Measurements for a Perfect Fit

I take leg measurements for a perfect fit very seriously.  Why?  Well, I must confess, the very first Garter I made in 2014 was too big for the Bride and it slipped throughout her Wedding Day. Her feedback had a huge impact on me.  I had put so much effort making her garter and assumed a medium sized garter would fit her leg.  She was medium sized afterall.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every Bride’s leg is different, women come in all shapes and sizes. To put my garters into three categories – Small, Medium or Large just wasn’t going to work for me and my new business. I never ever wanted a Bride to experience a ‘slipping’ garter again.  Nor did I want a Bride to have her garter too tight and uncomfortable on her leg.

On reflection back then, I felt there was no option but to measure every Brides’ leg and make her garter up for her individually. That way there was no room for error and her garter would fit comfortably throughout her special day.  That is why I decided to handmake each and every Garter to the exact leg measurement of each and every Bride.  No matter what leg size you have, your Garter will fit you perfectly, just as it should.

If your leg is not a standard size, it makes no difference with our garters.  We handmake it just for you. It’s really important that your leg measurements are accurate. I want your Wedding Garter to be a perfect fit for your special day.

Firstly, you need to decide exactly where it is on your leg that you want to wear your garter. Also, are you are going to wear a second garter for the Garter Toss. How to Wear Your Wedding Garter

Leg Measurements for a Perfect Fit

Usually it is 10cm or 4” above the top of your knee.

Take the measurement for your Keepsake Garter. Remember, your leg measurement will be where the elastic in your Garter will actually sit (i.e. the middle of your garter).  If your Wedding Garter has a 9cm width of lace, there will be 4cm of lace above and below where the elastic will sit – don’t forget to allow for the lace.

Leg Measurements

1    Using a tape measure wrap it around your leg where the elastic will sit, pulling the tape nice and firmly, but not too tightly.

2    Write down this measurement. You can type it into the Text Box before you add your Garter to your  Shopping Cart.

Wearing a Keepsake Wedding Garter and a Toss Garter

If you are wearing two garters (one being your special Keepsake Wedding Garter and the other one to Toss) I think it is much easier to wear your Toss Garter on the opposite leg to your Wedding Garter.
That way, there is little chance that your Groom will slip off the wrong garter!  A gentle pat on the leg your Toss Garter is on will help him retrieve the right one!

Rather than wear your “Toss Garter” throughout your Wedding Ceremony and Reception you can ask your Bridesmaid to slip it onto your leg just before you intend to toss it. Garter Toss!

When you are purchasing your Wedding Garter/s, you can type your leg measurement directly into the small text box, just before you add your Garter to your Shopping Cart. This will ensure that your Wedding Garter will be handmade to fit your leg perfectly.

Remember, if you need any further help after viewing the Video Clip – Leg Measurements for a Perfect Fit, please email us for further information or help  at: christine@gartersandco.com.au