A Garter handmade in Melbourne

A Garter Handmade in Melbourne

I really love the idea of buying Australian made. It is a great feeling to support our own Australian Businesses. My focus is to source as many materials as possible in Australia.

Every Handmade, finished Garter we create, is totally made in Melbourne. I sew garters in my workshop every day. I am so proud how each Garter looks as its finished. Each small stitch on my sewing machine is carefully done to make sure all our Garters are perfect every time.

They are double stitched to make sure they will not frey or split. Each garter has tiny hand stitching on its French seam so that it sits flat and is comfortable when you wear it. It’s a really romantic process, particularly the embellishment of the garter. I tweak the angle of bows, the position of crystals and pearls,until everything looks amazing. No two really are identical, they all have their own personality.

A Unique Wedding Garter

There is nothing more exciting than knowing the Garter you wear on your Wedding Day is handmade. Beautiful and unique Wedding Garters are hard to find. Some Bridal Stores stock Garters, but these are mostly from China and mass produced.

 Our Bridal Garters are created to be individual and we know our designs will work beautifully with your Wedding Dress. You won’t find our Bridal Garters in Stores. We create them carefully, one at a time and they are only available online. We handcraft each one of them here in Melbourne Australia and also offer you free shipping. I make sure each and every Wedding Garter is perfectly sewn and checked before it is shipped out to you.

We ship throughtout Australia for free. I love to offer this to my customers, as a way of thanking them for purchasing from Garters & Co.

Buying Australian made has the added bonus of a much smaller carbon footprint. Buying an overseas manufactured garter not only means your money leaves Australia, but your garter then has to be shipped a long way here. This means a larger carbon footprint. Every little choice makes a big difference in caring for our planet and our small businesses.

A Handmade Garter for your Wedding

A Handmade Garter for your Wedding is a very romantic tradition that Brides-to-Be absolutely love.   Often a Bride is wearing a Garter just like her Mother, her GrandMother and even her Great GrandMother did. This alone makes the Tradition of wearing a Garter extremely special.  We know that history tells us that it is good luck for your Marriage to wear a Garter.

A handmade Garter is also a beautiful and timeless piece of Bridal Lingerie. It makes an amazing Wedding Photograph and is something special for your new Husband to remove. Whether that is at your Garter Toss or a much later and romantic moment, when the two of you are alone, is up to you.

A Handmade Garter as a Gift

A beautiful, luxurious handmade Garter given to a Bride for her Wedding Day, is such a lovely gift idea.  We often have the Groom purchasing one for his Bride. Recently, I had a Groom purchase our Pearls and Silk Heirloom Garter for his Bride.  He intended presenting the Garter along with her favourite perfume to his Bride on the morning of their Wedding. I thought this was such a Romantic idea and we are seeing more and more Grooms purchasing our Garters. It is such a lovely and romantic gesture.

Lots of Mothers-of-the-Bride and Mothers-of-the-Groom purchase a Garter for the Bride.  It is such a special and personal gift for a Bride to receive. Continuing a long standing Tradition, giving a handmade garter becomes a touching and appreciated gesture.

Handmade Garter Colours

Many Brides like to choose a special Garter colour to match the Theme of their Wedding.  We think choosing Garters from our range should be fun and reflect the individuality of each Bride-to-Be. Because all our Garters are Handmade in Australia, I can create your Garter for you in many different shades and colours. This Video shows some of the more popular colours, but we have many others too. Just let us know if you would like to Customise something different.

Wedding Garter Plus Size

Garters & Co noticed that the sizing of most Wedding Garters available to purchase online are either Small, Medium or Large.  We know that this sizing system is restrictive and only allows for 3 sizes. This sizing system is often not suitable for the majority of Brides.

As a garter is worn for many hours during the Wedding Day, it is so important that it is comfortable and fits well as you enjoy your Magical Wedding Day. Having your garter handmade, makes it really easy to overcome this problem.

Individual Leg Size

It is really important to measure every Bride-to-Be’s individual leg size. We love that every one of our handmade Garters will fit you perfectly.

No matter what your leg measurement, even a Wedding Garter Plus Size, we will make each one a perfect fit for you.  We want you to order your Garter from us and then sit back and cross that job off your Wedding To-Do List.  Let us make up your individual, handsewn perfect Garter, just for you, no matter what size you may need.