Pearls and Silk Heirloom Wedding Garter


Handmade from beautiful sparkling Rhinestones, Pearls and seed beads. Made in Australia

Your Leg measurement (cms)


 When you simply want the very best on your Wedding Day!  Our Pearls and Silk Heirloom Wedding Garter is handmade from Sparkling Rhinestones, Pearls and beautiful seed beads. We beautifully handcraft these into the most stunning Heirloom Wedding Garter for you.  A perfect line of tiny exquisite seed beads, pearls and tiny rhinestones surround both the top and bottom edges of our garter.  These continue all the way around the garters circumference.  The Rhinestones in our garter will shine as brightly as you on your Wedding Day.

Pearls and Silk Heirloom Wedding Garter

Our gorgeous Pearls and Silk Heirloom Wedding Garter.  It truly is divine. Our garter is certainly something you may love to pass on to your daughter on her Wedding Day.  A Wedding Tradition that has continued for generations.

Carefully handsewn to your individual leg measurement to fit you perfectly during your most special of days, for a perfectly snug fit.  A Toss Garter can also be purchased with your order.

Beautifully Gift boxed & Free Shipping

The Pearls and Silk Heirloom Wedding Garter is approximately 5cm wide


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