How to wear your Wedding Garter

Traditionally, it is thought that the Wedding Garter should be worn on the right leg.  But, how to wear your Wedding Garter? Today, it really doesn’t matter which leg it is worn on. It’s really about what works for you.

Where do you wear your Wedding Garter?

Where on the leg do you wear your Wedding Garter?  Do you wear it high or low on your leg?

It seems that most Brides like to wear their Wedding Garters about 10–16cm (4 – 6”) above the top of their knee.  I actually agree with this thinking.  If the garter is too high it is likely to rub against the other leg. Wearing it in the lower position (10 – 16cm above the top of your knee) will allow some room between your legs for comfort.

It is very helpful to try your Wedding Garter on about a week before your Wedding Day. This will make sure it is still a good fit for you.  If you have lost a lot of weight it is usual that your leg will have too!

Toss Garter

If you are planning to wear a Toss Garter, Tossing the Garter I like the idea of wearing it on the other leg to your Keepsake Wedding Garter.

Rather than wear your Toss Garter throughout your Wedding Ceremony and Reception you can have your Bridesmaid organise to bring it to you and slip it onto your leg.  This can be just before you intend to toss it.

When it’s time for your Groom to retrieve your garter, a gentle pat on the leg you are wearing your Toss Garter on is a great way to remind him which leg he needs to aim for. When it is time for the Garter removal it will appear smooth.

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