How to care for a Tiara?

Tiaras are Glorious Heirloom Pieces

A Tiara is a beautiful and timeless piece for your Wedding Day. We understand that you will want to keep it looking perfect. Each time you take it out of its Gift Box, we want it to look as perfect as it did on your Wedding Day. To help you, we have listed below some important points for you on How to care for a Tiara?

Keeping your Tiara looking beautiful is really important. They are absolute Heirloom Pieces and should be carefully looked after to make sure they stay looking perfect long after your Wedding Day. It is really important for you to know how to care for your Tiara.

A Tiara is so precious. We know it takes so much time to find and decide on the perfect one for your most Special Day. It’s got to be stunning, perfect, and everything you want it to be. Our AAA+ high quality Crystal Cubic Zircon Stones are so brilliant, sparkling and look absolutely amazing. Garters & Co use them because they are the very best standard and are superior to and a much higher quality than even Swarovski Crystals.

Once you purchase your Tiara, we know you won’t be able to stop taking it out if its box to gaze at it. We want you to fall more and more in love with it every time you see it and place it into your hair. Your excitement will build and you will be impatient until your Wedding Day arrives. But how do you keep it looking so good and how do you care for your Tiara going forward?

The list below will help to make sure your Tiara is always in tip top condition.

Avoid any Chemicals touching your Tiara

Your Tiaras frame and AAA Grade CZ Crystals are not designed to come into contact with any chemicals. So a very important point going forward is to avoid any coming into contact with your Tiara.

The one obvious item that contains chemicals and is used heavily on your Wedding Day is Hairspray. There are so many different types of Hairsprays, all containing different levels of chemicals. We know using Hairspray is totally necessary to keep your Bridal Hair in perfect place. So we recommend only placing your Tiara into your Bridal Hair after it has been styled and your Hairspray is dry. This protects your precious Heirloom piece. It makes sense too, as you want to make sure your Bridal Hair is perfectly in place before your Tiara is placed into the perfect position.

Avoid fingermarks on your Tiara

Do you worry about your CZ Crystals each time you handle yourTiara? Are you getting finger marks on them? There are still months to go before your Wedding too. It’s so important to help you learn how to care for your Tiara. We want it to look its best just as you do on your Wedding Day!

Our amazing AAA Grade Cubic Zircon Crystals are shining, bright, polished and look like real Diamonds. It is preferable not to directly touch your Tiara with your bare hands as they can be slightly oily or sweaty and leave dull marks behind. Our fingers can be a bit ‘greasy’ with natural oil on them too. You don’t want to put any marks on the crystals but it can be really hard not to.

Cotton Gloves

So, we have included a pair of pure cotton gloves with your Tiara purchase. The finest jewellery is always handled this way so when you put your cotton gloves on, it saves you transferring any fingerprints or oils onto your sparkling Tiara.

We know you will want to show your beautiful Tiara to your Mum, your friends and others. They can glove up beforehand and you won’t have to worry a bit.

Your Hairdresser will also want to see your Tiara when you have a practice Hairstyle session with them. They can pop on our cotton gloves and your stunning Tiara Headpiece is totally protected. Any oils or grease they may have on their fingers won’t be transferred as they handle your Tiara when they slip on our pure cotton gloves.

Remember to remind your Hairdresser to make sure your Hairspray is completely dry before placing your Tiara into position.

Cotton Gloves for your Tiara

Our special cloth keeps your precious Crystals brilliant

When you purchase your beautiful AAA Grade Cubic Zircon Crystal Tiara from Garters & Co, we supply everything you need. A special soft polishing cloth to rub away any finger marks you may have left behind, right away. Our special jewellery cloth will make those precious stones sparkle even more. The cloth also helps keeps the frame and underlying setting in perfect condition.

We recommended that you put your cotton gloves on before handling your Tiara to avoid marks and if necessary, use the soft cloth to gently polish any areas on your Tiara. Together these two things will keep your Bridal Tiara looking spectacular and ready for your Wedding Day.

Don’t sleep in your Tiara

We have heard that a Tiara or two has gone to bed, still attached to the Bride after the Wedding. Understandly, some Brides really don’t want to remove their beautiful Headpiece at bedtime. But pressure can be applied to an area of the frame which could possibly cause it be become mishapen. It is not worth risking, so we do advise making sure you remove your Bridal Tiara before bed – even if you really don’t want to!

Store your Tiara back into its Box

Once you have finished wearing your Tiara, it should be stored back into its original Gift Box it was shipped out in. This will keep it safe and sound from many elements for example, dust, heat, sunshine, knocks etc. We want your beautiful Tiara to be perfect in the future too – not just on your Wedding Day.

It comes surrounded and nestled within the softest pink tissue and placing it back into this cosy environment is best. No dust can get into the box and its temperature will be protected too.

Make sure you place it into a dry place – a shelf within your wardrobe would be absolutely perfect.