Every Bride needs a garter right?

Hand-made in MelbourneMeenas Wedding Garter

Bespoke Wedding Accessories

Garters & Co. Bespoke Wedding Accessories: Wedding Garters, Bridal Flip Flops and Bridal Headpieces. Wedding Accessories handmade for every Bride on her most special of days. At the heart of Garters & Co’s Collection are their beautiful handmade Bridal Garters.  Every wedding garter is lovingly hand-sewn in Melbourne, Australia.

All of Garters & Co’s beautiful Garters are designed from the finest materials. Quality satin, lace and tulle that is available in Australia. Their garters are then adorned with gorgeous Swarovski Pearls, Crystals and the finest Rhinestones. They create a beloved keepsake for the Bride to wear on her big day.
Melbourne’s Christine Arnaud is the talented seamstress behind Garters & Co. She noticed Brides were not able to find good quality or attractive styles in terms of Wedding Garters. Most garters were made from poor quality and cheap materials. Christine knew that Brides want only the very best on their Wedding Day.  From their Wedding Dress and Wedding Shoes right through to their Wedding Cake and Bonbonerie. As someone who had been sewing since she was a young girl, Christine set out to create something better, something beautiful and something special. Voila, Garters & Co. was born.

Elegant, delicate, striking and romantic Garters & Co. have gorgeous garter designs for every Bride in a range of colours. Sourcing the best laces, softest tulles, satins, ribbons, Swarovski Pearls and stunning Rhinestones from Italy, France and Australia.  Each Bridal Garter is custom-made to the Bride’s exact leg measurement to ensure a perfect fit. Garters & Co feels it is absolutely essential for the Brides’ comfort on the her Wedding Day.

Every Bride needs a Garter right?

Every Bride is unique and as such Garters & Co. offers hand made original garter designs. Brides can work one-on-one with Christine to create the garter of their dreams. They also offer Bridesmaids Garters and Toss Garters.

Garters & Co. also design one-of-a-kind high heeled wedge Bridal Flip Flops.  These are a saviour for the Bride’s feet on her big day. After wearing those amazing high heels down the aisle, a Brides need a glamorous (and comfortable!) alternative to get her through her Wedding Reception. Wedding Flip Flops are also amazing to wear with satin robes whilst getting Bridal Hair and Makeup done.  Your Bridesmaids look amazing in them too. The perfect Bridesmaids Gift to thank your Bridesmaids for their support.

Garters & Co.’s Bridal Flip Flops have been carefully designed and manufactured. They have a silky soft 5cm heel to keep Wedding Dresses from dragging along the floor. Our Flip Flops show just the briefest glimpse of their stunning embellishments with each step. Slip in and out of them with ease. Bridal Flip Flops are perfect to dance the night away in blissful comfort. Our Flip Flops are also available for Bridesmaids’ precious feet.  Match them to any dress colour for your Bridesmaids.

Garters & Co. ship their garters to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  We ship our garters to anywhere in Australia with free shipping.

Check out what’s on offer at https://www.gartersandco.com.au