Bridal Headpieces

Should I choose my HairStyle or my
Bridal Headpiece first?

This question often worries many Brides-to-Be. It is a really common question and you can go around and around in circles wondering. Will your HairStyle impact your search for Bridal Headpieces? The short answer is a definite yes.

We think it is a good choice if you decide on your Wedding Hair Style first.  It makes sense that the position of your hair will impact how any Bridal Headpieces will sit into it. For example, if you have a large bun, how will your Headpiece sit around it? What size bun do you want, a large loose one or a smaller tight one? Will a small or larger Headpiece work around the bun?

Your choice of hairstyle is so important. It needs to suit you, your hair type and your face shape. What sort of Wedding Dress will you be wearing? If it is large and flouncy with lots of volume, it makes sense that your hairstyle should reflect this too. Many factors together create and transform your overall look for your Wedding Day. Your hairstyle and your choice of Bridal Headpiece will transform your look.  One big first decision is will you wear your hair down or will you wear it up.

Bridal Headpieces for Loose Waves

Loose Waves in your Bridal Hair create a soft and beautifully casual look. Loose waves in your hair are timeless. Perfect for Beach Weddings, Outdoor Weddings and Casual Weddings. Another lovely option is to wear your hair half up and half down. This also allows you more options to place any Bridal Headpieces.

Bride with long hair in waves and her husband
A deconstructed Chignon for a casual Bridal Hairstyle

A Chignon

A Chignon is one of the most elegant Bridal Hairstyles. They can be tradition or they can be deconstructed for a more casual look.

The word Chignon is French. Translated, it means ‘nape of the neck’. This is exactly where your chignon will sit – beautifully into the nape of your neck. It is a classic and timeless Style. Perfect for Weddings.

Beautiful Bridal Headpieces sit beautifully on top of Chignons.

How do I choose the
perfect Bridal Headpiece?

There are different Bridal Headpieces to choose from. A Tiara or Crown is made from stones that can be simple Rhinestones, Crystals, Swarovski Crystals or Cubic Zirconia Crystals and surpass all but Diamonds. It can be very hard to tell the difference between high quality CZ Crystals and Diamonds.

The Tiara Frame is rigid and sit on top of your Bridal Hairstyle whilst some fit flatter. There are styles that can be worn at the back of your Hair. They are securely pinned into your Hair.

Bridal Headpieces can also be a very soft, flexible style made up of Rhinestones, Pearls, Crystals or Cubic Zirconia. These are also known as Bridal Hair Vines. They can be worn anywhere in your Hair and are pinned into or tied under your Hair with ribbon.

A Tiara or Crown

A Tiara or Crown, sometimes known as a Diadem will work beautifully whether you want to wear your Wedding Hair up or down.  Tiaras or Crowns work beautifully with or without a Veil too.  Tiaras date back as far as Napoleon’s Empress Josephine in the 18th Century. We have focused on an incredible selection of Luxurious, Diamond like Tiaras because we feel you deserve the very best.

Bride wearing her perfect Bridal Headpiece

Traditional Tiara Bridal Headpieces

Tiaras are traditional, prestigious and extravagant Bridal Headpieces. Worn for adornment and elegance. They can transform your Wedding Event into a special moment in time. A magical moment of enchantment that deserves the best craftsmanship and quality. Our Heirloom Collection of Bridal Tiaras are all handmade from stunning Cubic Zircon Crystal Stones. Each individual CZ Stone cut to perfection. Every one sparkles just like a real Diamond. Each beautifully designed Style has been created for discerning Brides who are looking for quality, beauty and something extra special for their Wedding Day.

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Tiaras full of Luxurious CZ Crystals

Our Luxury Tiaras are all carefully handmade with the highest quality Cubic Zircon (CZ) Crystals Our CZ Crystals are much more expensive, more beautiful and luxurious than even Swarovski Crystals. The sparkle and pure shine of our gorgeous Tiara Crystals mimic the look of real Diamonds. An Heirloom CZ Crystal Tiara brings elegance and Luxe to your Wedding Day.

Are you looking for a Tiara with the WOW Factor?

If you are looking for the WOW factor, our Tiaras will not disappoint you. You will look like Royalty on your special day wearing one our our beautiful Tiaras. The quality of our Bridal Tiaras surpasses most Bridal Stores. We use only the highest quality CZ Crystals with sturdy, high quality settings and frames. All our Tiaras come with a satin keepsake bag to keep them safely in. A polishing cloth is included and also cotton gloves. Using the cotton gloves will eliminate fingermarks on the beautiful Crystals. We want to make sure your Tiara looks absolutely perfect for your Wedding Day.

Our carefully selected range of CZ Crystal Tiaras

Our carefully selected range of Bridal Tiaras are fashioned from high quality and robust Copper Settings. The beautifully cut luxurious stones are to die for! Made only from AAA quality Cubic Zircon Crystals they even surpass Swarovski Crystals. The sparkle and lustre of each CZ crystal is just like a real Diamond. Its hard to tell the difference. You will look like Royalty on your Wedding Day – as you should.

Highest quality Tiara frame settings

All of our exquisite handmade Tiara settings are fashioned from Copper, a safe high quality metal and by far superior to other cheap alloy metal frames that will tarnish and discolour in the future. The settings are then coated in Platinum or Gold to offset their beautiful CZ Stones.

Caring for your Tiara

Included with your Heirloom Tiara purchase is a special polishing cloth. You can keep your beautiful Crystal Tiara safe and sound both before and after your Wedding. We also include a pair of white cotton gloves. You can use these to keep any fingerprints off those precious CZ Crystals as you handle your Tiara. You can also use them to polish your Tiara’s crystals. Check out how to care for your Tiara because it is important to know how to correctly store and look after your precious Heirloom CZ Crystal Headpiece

Bridal Headpieces

Bridal Headpieces is works beautifully for shorter hair and works with longer hair too, they are very versatile.  There are so many options in the styles of HairVines to suit the HairStyle you choose for your Wedding Day. They can link beautifully with any beading on your Dress or jewellery you choose to wear. They can be light and delicate or heavy on detail and size.

A Bridal HairVine can be woven into your chosen Hairstyle and can be a great choice when you are looking at

Pearl and Rhinstone Bridal Hairvine