Balmy Autumn Wedding Night

A Balmy Autumn Wedding Night Celebration sounds very romantic! I love the thought of a Wedding Reception being held outdoors on a warm and balmy Autumn evening. The gently lighting gives off an almost magical feeling.

This outdoor setting could really be set up absolutely anywhere.  It would suit a seaside venue, a beautiful winery or even a beautiful park. The delicate fairy lighting and all the white candles add a hue and real softness to the table. It looks delightful and elegant.  Vintage cutlery and crockery would add such a lovely detail to the table’s theme. The mismatched pieces really work together.  Vintage pieces always add gorgeous elements to your Wedding table.

Imagine your Wedding guests delight walking into such a delightful table setting.  They will absolutely love being outdoors, ready to celebrate your special night with you. A warm breeze softly embraces them throughout the night’s celebrations.

A Balmy Autumn Wedding Night

Scattering fairy lights around the area, perhaps to encompass a dance floor would also be amazing. The sparkling view in the background as you are dining on delicious food.  I love Autumn, it is my favourite season.  The summer heat has gone yet the warmth hovers for many weeks, making it such a wonderful time for an Balmy Autumn Wedding Night.