100 Years of Wedding Dresses

Click on the link below and make sure your sound is on!! I know you will love our Video.

By Mode.com

This Video is amazing! It will show you the history of 100 Years of Wedding Dresses. Each decade takes you back in time to experience the Wedding fashions that were so special at that time. They show us Wedding Styles that our Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers may have worn.

Its so interesting to go backwards and see the styles and fashions of yesteryear. Even the flowers are amazing. They range from rather large displays to smaller and delicate bouquets. I love that the flowers also have a style of their own.

I noticed that in most of the decades Brides were wearing pearls. They really are a timeless and popular addition to Weddings, even to this day.

I just love the dress styles, the hair styles and makeup of the Brides as time moves forward. Hope you enjoy this Video too. What is your favourite Decade? I think mine is the 50’s!