How to care for your Tiara

It took time to decide on your perfect Tiara for your special day. Its stunning. its perfect. Its everything you wanted it to be. The stones are brilliant, sparkling and look absolutely stunning. You cant stop taking it out to look at it and trying it on your head. It is the perfect Tiara because you fall more and more in love with it every time you see it. Its so exciting, but you need to know how to care for your Tiara.

Finger marks on your Tiara

But you worry about the stones you touch each time you handle it. Are you getting finger marks on them? You most probably are and there are months to go before your Wedding. We felt it was really important to help you learn how to care for your Tiara. We want it to look its best just as you do!

A special cloth to keep your precious stones brilliant

It’s perfectly OK. We have it covered. When you purchase your Tiara from Garters & Co. we have everything you need. A polishing cloth to rub any finger marks you may have left behind, right away. Our special jewellery cloth will make those precious stones sparkle even more. The cloth also keeps the frame and setting in perfect condition. .

Cotton Gloves

Even your Hairdresser will want to check your Tiara and you will have a practice Hairstyle session with them. Don’t worry a bit, they can pop on our cotton gloves and your stunning Tiara Headpiece is totally protected.

We also felt it was necessary to provide you with a pair of cotton gloves. The finest jewellery is always handled this way and if you can put your gloves on, it saves you leaving any finger prints on your Tiara. We know you will want to show your beautiful Tiara to your Mum, your friends and others. They can glove up beforehand and you don’t have to worry a bit.

Tiaras are Heirloom Pieces

Keeping your Tiara looking beautiful is really important. They really are Heirloom Pieces and they should be carefully looked after to make sure they stay looking perfect long after your Wedding Day.